Pay only for what you use. You will be charged on the 2th of each month moving.

Creating an free account and it gives you TWD1,000 total for testing purposes

ASRASR streamingTWD 96 per audio hour
ASR - Audio File RecognitionTWD 144 per audio hour
Text to SpeechText-to-SpeechTWD 298 per 100,000 characters
Text-to-SpeechTWD 596 per 100,000 characters
News clusteringGlobal Real-Time EventsTWD 20 per request
AvatarAvatar Video GenerationTWD 20 per video 15 seconds
  • Accumulated monthly usage is rounded up to the nearest increment of an unit. For example, if you used 4.7 unit this month, you will be billed for 5 units.
  • You will be charged once a month. For example, usage and charges from 5/1 to 5/31 will appear on the bill on 6/2.
  • Tax is excluded.